Sunday, October 16, 2016

The 2016-2017 Adaptive Epic Pass Application by Vail Resorts is now posted

by G. Kunkel

Adaptive athletes can get a super sweet deal on a 2016-2017 Epic Pass product.  And they can also buy a discounted ticket for their guide/helper as well (except A-Basin and Perisher).

Every October adaptive skiers and riders wait for the application to be published so they can apply or re-activate their old passes.

Yesterday I noticed that Disabled Sports USA published the Informational Letter and the 2016-17 Pass application on the Hartford Ski Spectacular website.  The National Adaptive Academy at Breckenridge is quickly approaching so I'm sure they were anxious as well for visiting athletes.   Vail Resorts is a major sponsor of the event.

There are a variety of adaptive pass products ranging from a few days to an unrestricted full season pass.  Prices range from $129 to $399.  One can choose from a menu of passes with different ski area restrictions.   The discounted prices are valid all season for adaptive passes and can be purchased all during the ski season.

One must establish eligibility before one can purchase the pass.  There is a long list of acceptable forms of eligibility.  The disability must be permanent.  My doctor typed up a simple one paragraph letter for me that asked for accommodation.  One does not need to use the official VR Physicians Form.

Stating that I'm using a skibike as an adaptive device on the application sealed the deal for them.  Vail Resorts has always been adaptive skibike friendly.

Once one has been deemed eligible and they've noted that in your online Vail Resorts profile, one can purchase the pass.  Don't worry, if you've ever purchased anything from VR and given your name, your name is in their computer system.  If not, call or email them and one quickly will be.

The pass can be picked up at any Vail Resorts Season Pass Office in Colorado, Utah, California, etc.   The pass can also be mailed to you.

In a bid to buck the system, I went to Boulder Ski Deals in Boulder, Colorado today to get mine.  It is owned by VR and I know they have a permanent Epic Pass Sales Office there.  They found my record, the eligibility note, found the pass product, and printed out my pass after forking over my credit card.

 So, if you have bad knees/back/disability and are limited to using a skibike, one is an adaptive rider.  Take advantage of this program.   It took me one phone call to Vail, one fax to Vail, and a 20 minute trip to Boulder.

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