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Skibike Review:  Sledgehammer 3 - by Cliff Pinto - Pedal the Peaks, Durango, Colorado 12/27/11

I took out one of the shops Sledge Hammer rentals yesterday for a test ride to get a better feel for the bike for when talking to customers. First off these are a great bike for the money, and the quick release system for the skis is great for transport. The bike handled well but I did feel hesitant at high speed. The tall foot peg height and long ski base made a fast ride but not as stable feel as my Lenz Sports. 

Loading on the lift is okay. Tthe bike can sit vertical like a Lenz Sport, but you may want to put a inner tube over the shock spring to protect the chair covering from being torn if you choose to carry this way. Otherwise you must hold it across your lap like other designs. 

The weight is not bad at 28 pounds it's not the lightest but certainly not the heaviest. To me this bike is excellent for beginners and people who just want to go fast and stay close to the ground. They market this bike for aggressive riding but looking at the web site the jumps they are hitting are quite small (but look fun). 

Ski retention is a big thing for me when hitting big park jumps. If the skis flop around the bike jerks all over the place. Also not having an elastomer stop on the rear ski does not allow you to correctly preload off of lips. All in all I feel these bikes are great and reach a price point we all know is needed in our small industry. I would say if you are looking for a more free ride bike or park bike look towards others out there such as a 3 ski or Lenz Sport.  For riders under 5' 6" I think this bike will challenge them on the beginner side

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