Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where to find lift-served skibiking in Colorado in June

Lift-served skibiking goes into June in Colorado. Earning your turns doesn't have to be the only option.

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (or A-Basin to locals) is open until June 5, 2011 this ski season. The new Black Mountain Express chairlift makes unloading so much easier too. Head over to the Lenawee lift after unloading to access the upper mountain, East Wall, and Montezuma Bowl.

A-Basin is an extremely skibike-friendly ski area. Ski bikes are allowed in the terrain parks and homemade skibikes are also welcome. A-Basin does require that all skibikes be equipped with leashes and are used on the chairlift.

If getting off the fixed-grip chair lifts presents a problem, you can signal the liftie to slow the lift down. They'd rather slow it down than have you fall off while unloading. Be mindful of punching holes in their ramp when unloading though. Making extra work for lifties is not the way to win friends or access to other ski resorts.

A-Basin doesn't offer skibike rentals but there is a local guy who rents them. Make arrangements in advance if you need a bike. The Brenter reps were at A-Basin recently and did leave a Brenter C6 for demo's. I don't have any contact information for using those skibikes.

Just because the weather is warming up along the Front Range that doesn't mean the skibike season is over. The 2010-11 ski season isn't over yet. Lots of snow fell this ski season in Colorado. It's still falling too.

Photo by Devin Lenz

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