Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Geary Snow Bikes

I got some bad news last week. It looks like Geary Snow Bikes is now out of production and shut down. Their website is down as well.

Except for the skibobbers, skibikers and ski bike manufacturers are still in their infancy and struggling for recognition and acceptance.

Only by supporting and expanding the sport can we prevent other manufacturers from going out of business. As the sport expands and comes under more scrutiny, I think homemade skibiker builders can expect to be banned from ski resorts. The four USA ski resort underwriters will probably mandate it.

If you want skibiking to be allowed at your favorite ski resort, it's going to take an organized campaign. Write letters, make phone calls, and get your friends to do the same. Don't just demand access, just let them know why you won't be coming to their resort this season.

For those ski resorts that currently allow skibiking - let them know you appreciate access. Follow the Responsibility Code while riding and be courteous to other people out on the hill. Let's not lose access to ski resorts that have opened.

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