Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Peg skibike rentals available at Pedal the Peaks in Durango, Colorado

This just in from Cliff Pinto at Pedal the Peaks bike shop in Durango, Colorado.

"If anybody is coming to Durango, Colorado and does not have a bike to ride - Come down to Pedal The Peaks.

Thanks to everyone at SkiBikeFun.com for working with us. We now have three Sledgehammer ski bikes and two Lenz Sport bikes. The Lenz Sport rent for $50 a day and the Sledgehammers for $30".

So if you are going to Durango Mountain Resort in southwest Colorado - go check out Cliff's bikes. Lessons are mandatory for first-timers at DMR. A license is required to use the lifts. Fixed grip lifts require the use of footskis while using the lift.
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