Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Americans call it a skibike instead of a snow bike

The term 'skibike' is now more common than the term 'snow bike' in North America. The reason - a certain Austrian skibike manufacturer of skibobs trademarked the term 'snowbike©'. From personal experience - they actively defend the trademark name useage too.

Rather than have a rabid USA skibob rep constantly pester me about it, I've taken to promoting the term skibike in all my writing. It's worked. Most everyone I know now calls them a skibike or ski bike. I doubt that can be trademarked at this point.

With a few exceptions, skibikers today are either peggers or a bobbers. Most members of the two camps would rather just get along with one another anyways. Heck, it's all about the fun in the end.

So they next time you see the terms 'skibiking, ski biking, skibike, skibikes, or maybe snow bike' on the web or print you now know the reason why North Americans have adopted the term.

Don't call a skibike a snowbike© or you too may have an overzealous skibob rep knocking at your door. I now deliberately leave a space when using the term 'snow bike' so I don't have some legal notice appear in my mailbox or get an email from someone with their panties in a bind. ;)

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