Friday, March 10, 2017

Skibikes at the National Sports Center for the Disabled

by G. Kunkel

Skibikes are an integral part of the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, Colorado.  They are so popular that the NSCD equipment manager buys up most K2 Snowcycles that he finds listed locally on Craigslist.

The snowcycles are very versatile so they can accommodate a wide range of adaptive athletes who come through the skibike program.  One can attach tethers behind the bikes for control or add pads to the seat for stability.

These skibikes can be ridden either like a skibob with foot skis or as a freestyle bike.  Riding it as a skibob with foot skis provides a platform with a lower center of gravity and a very quick learning curve for most anyone.

ABC News was at NSCD recently and filmed this report:

 These skibikes are much more affordable than many other adaptive devices.  A sit-ski runs about 10k while a skibike can be purchased for significantly less.

K2 Snowcycles are no longer manufactured but there were significant numbers of them produced.  Most are now sitting unused in garages or in an unknown warehouse.

While one can no longer order parts from a manufacturer, replacement parts can still be obtained or work-arounds can be devised.  NSCD has found ways to fit new skis onto their skibikes.

The seat covers for most of the fleet were pretty torn up last season.  I took one seat home and cut a pattern for it.  The seats were then all recovered in arctic vinyl which should be much more durable than the original.  I donated my time and labor to the program.

If one wants to support this wonderful program, they are always looking for volunteers.

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