Thursday, January 31, 2019

Winter Park Resort ends their skibike program

by G. Kunkel

 Most have heard by now.  Winter Park Resort has ended its skibike lesson and rental program.   It was ended for pure economics.  Not enough lessons or rentals were sold.

Skibikes are still permitted at Winter Park.  No license needed.  No leash required either.

If you need a professional tour (lesson), I can help you out.  Skibikes are not intuitive to ride despite what some people think.  One should never have to stick out a foot to stop after the first 1.5 hour of learning.  One risks tearing an ACL if that is not stopped.

Take a all-day tour with me and you'll be safely riding in control.  I can't call it a lesson for legal reasons.

Maximum of two people per tour.  Four hour tour is $200.  Tour only. Rental not included.  Lift ticket not included.  Tour must be at a Front Range Epic Colorado resort or one must purchase me a lift ticket and maybe even some lodging/gas depending on distance/duration.

Besides viewing the beautiful Colorado scenery, one will learn skidded traverses for speed control and stopping, skidded turns, linked skidded turns, stopping, stance, loading/unloading the chairlift,  hockey stop (emergency stop), fishtail turns for use on cat tracks, safety rules, use of leash, and skibike maintenance.

Tours are weekday only.   Weekend crowds are not conducive for viewing scenic beauty or learning new skills.

 You'll learn bombproof skills needed for riding hardpack and steeper blue runs.

Want to learn carving?  Unfortunately we'll spend the first 1.5 hours un-teaching that skill at the start of the tour.  Leaning into a turn is counter-productive when learning skidded traverses and turns on a freestyle Type II skibike.  I know it sounds crazy but I've converted hundreds+ of people over the past ten years.

Let's go have some fun in Colorado.

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