Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Brenter C4 Enduro skibike review

When I started skibiking a few years ago the first thing I noticed was a lack of information about skibikes. There was really very little information on the internet and elsewhere. Trying to Google the term 'ski bike' was not very helpful.

As a result I started taking out the skibikes in the Winter Park Resort ski bike rental fleet and taking them through their paces. Three models of Stalmach ski bobs were also taken through their paces on a variety of terrain.

I soon discovered each brand and type of skibike has its own performance characteristics. While riding them I began to document the differences.

The Brenter C4 Enduro skibike has been around since the 1940's and is the staple rental bike at the few ski resorts that rent ski bikes.

I took out the Brenter C4 skibikes when they were brand new to the rental fleet at Winter Park Resort. I wrote up my results in an article entitled "Ski Bike Reviews: Brenter Snowbike C4 Enduro".

After being in the rental fleet at Winter Park a few years now, I have further opinions about the Brenter C4 skibike based upon a few years of direct observation.

1) The Brenter C4's are not very durable. They tend to shake apart with moderate useage. The seat screws, the ski screws, and the headset require constant adjustment and tightening.

2) The frames give a very bouncy ride. This left my lower back aching some days. Other brands of skibikes had much better shock absorption.

3) The skis on the Brenter C4 skibike started delaminating after one season.

4) The bindings on the Brenter foot skis are poorly constructed. They wear out quickly and don't stay adjusted correctly. The skis then fall off your ski boots unexpectedly. I don't know if the ski binding type binding are more durable.

5) Parts on the Brenter C4 appear to wear out quicker than on other snow bikes or ski bobs.

The Brenter C4 is a good entry level snow bike or skibob but if your budget allows, buying a higher quality skibike will be less expensive in the long run.

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