Friday, April 29, 2011

Traditional 'foot ski' skibikes at Keystone Ski Resort

Traditional 'foot ski' ski bikes are a big part of the Colorado skibike scene. While some Colorado ski resorts limit them to after hours activities, others embrace them day and night.

In December of 2010 Vail Plum visited Keystone Ski Resort with Ramona Bruland and big mountain skier Chris Anthony.

While Chris was a first-time skibiker, he quickly picked it up and the group explored the ski resort.

'Foot ski' skibikes are very easy to learn and are the quickest way to get non-skiers out on the ski slopes. When asked which is easier - skiing or snowboarding? The answer is neither.

'Foot ski' skibiking is the easiest. Keystone Ski Resort offers skibike lessons and rentals during the day and under the lights at night.

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