Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking for a used Lenz Sport ski bike?

by G. Kunkel

Now is the time to buy a used Lenz Sport ski bike. The price will never get any better.

I spoke to Devin a few weeks ago and he wants to clear his inventory of skibikes. He's ready to deal too. He said any skibike in current inventory is $1500.00.

Whether you are looking for a Launch Freestyle, Alpine Brawler, or whatever is hanging around his garage, they're all on sale. Last I looked he had several size bikes on hand. Shoot him an email or post on the Lenz Sport Facebook page to find out what's available.

Most of these skibikes were in the Winter Park Resort rental fleet. They might have some scratches on the paint but the bones are there. Devin has always backed what he's sold.

Devin does ship so if you live on another continent, don't let that stop you. You will not find a better constructed ski bike in my opinion.

When you contact Devin, please tell him I steered you his way. Just mention this blog and he'll know who referred you.

UPDATE: Here is a link to everything Devin has for sale. It includes pictures, models, and sizes

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