Sunday, August 28, 2011

Skibike Season is Getting Closer - Time to Prepare

The nights are getting cooler in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Frost is starting to appear on car windshields in the morning. One evening last week required putting on a jacket before the sun went down.

In Colorado, this means it's time to remember to renew your ski season pass before the price increases. They are available to purchase right now but around 1-2 weeks after Labor Day Weekend comes the first round of price hikes.

Some ski passes can be purchased or renewed online. Others can only be purchased in-person for first time buyers. Check with the ski resorts' website or Facebook page for information.

If committing to a full season pass isn't in your plans, there is always the option of a 4 Pass or 4-Packs. A Four Pass is a picture pass that allows four days of skiing or riding at the resort. They are non-transferrable. A Four Pack is that - it is a four pack of lift tickets. Just put them on and head to the lift.

Once the ski lifts start spinning - most of these bargain pass offers disappear. Plan ahead now to avoid disappointment.

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