Friday, November 11, 2011

Buying a new ski-bob style skibike

by G. Kunkel

There are essentially two types of skibikes manufactured today - the traditional ski-bob style skibike and the peg style skibike. One requires foot-skis while the other does not. Which one you ride usually depends upon bike preference, age, medical conditions, physical fitness, or which style is allowed at local ski resorts.

There is an extensive list of manufacturers of ski-bob style skibikes in the world. You don't have to settle for the mass-produced, poorly made yellow ski-bobs found in most ski resort rental fleets when purchasing a personal ski-bob skibike. Many people have complained to me they look like lawn furniture too.

Check around and you'll find more durable and comfortable ski-bob models from manufacturers in the USA and Austria. Many can be found in new and used condition. You won't need to continually buy replacement parts from or other parts supplier either.

Great European ski-bob manufacturers include: Stalmach, Sledgehammer, Flachsmann and Crighton. USA ski-bob manufacturers include ShroomBob, and Lenz Sport. Some of these builders also build peg skibikes.

Stalmach website:
(USA) Lenz Sport website:
(USA) ShroomBob website:

Sledgehammer website: website:

Don't let price be the entire deciding factor when purchasing a skibike. Spending a couple hundred extra dollars may give you a skibike with better suspension and be less prone to breakage out on the ski hill.

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