Friday, November 18, 2011

Eldora Mountain Resort is now allowing skibikes for the 2011-12 ski season

G. Kunkel

It took a loose band of skibike enthusiasts in Colorado, Texas, California, and a Colorado Ski Country USA media event to return skibiking to Eldora Mountain Resort just west of Boulder, Colorado. Great job everyone - it worked.

Eldora Mountain Resort used to have guided ski-bob lessons, rentals, and tours on their hill awhile back. Due to lack of demand or the lack of skibike innovation by manufacturers - Eldora dropped their program, sold their rental fleet, and banned skibikes.

Due to the surge in popularity of skibiking in the USA from recent innovations like full-suspension peg skibikes, there's now a demand for ski resorts permitting peg skibikes and the older style traditional ski-bobs.

Ski resorts with a downhill mountain bike trail system, communities with active mountain bikers, and bike parks are going to reap the benefits. Boulder, Colorado is a hub of mountain bikers and has the new and very popular Valmont Bike Park.

At a chance meeting with Rob Linde, the Chief Marketing Officer at Eldora, at a media-event before the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Expo in Denver, I let him know that many of my skibike lessons at Winter Park Resort were filled with people from Boulder. Most were frustrated that they couldn't skibike at Eldora.

Rob explained the history of skibikes at Eldora and then issued a challenge. Show the demand and he'd open the joint up. Get at least five skibikers to contact him and say they were coming to his resort this ski season.

The skibike troops responded and called Rob or sent professional emails. Got the green light yesterday.

Eldora Mountain Resort is now open to full-suspension peg skibikes and to traditional ski-bobs. I don't have all the details yet but I'll get them as soon as I can. I'm not sure if homemade bikes are allowed, leash requirements, license requirements, or terrain park access.

In the meantime, show some respect on the hill. Follow the Responsibility Code. People are also going to ask questions about your ride - lots of questions. You may get jealous looks or comments or hateful glances. The haters have mostly stopped at Winter Park Resort and don't exist at Arapahoe Basin. I expect most people at Eldora will want to hijack your ride.

Challenge to all skibikers out there - let's show this local ski hill some skibiker love. They opened the door - let's keep it open by giving them the business. Buy passes, buy lift tickets, buy food, patronize that awesome bar they have.

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