Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Hoodoo Skibike Festival at Spring Fling

The 2012 annual Skibike Festival at Hoodoo Mountain in Oregon is quickly approaching. The dates are April 7-8, 2012. A variety of events will be held and skibike manufacturers will be in attendance.

The skibike rally will be held as part of Hoodoo's Spring Fling Celebration. Skibike racing will be held on April 7 with time trials starting at 10am. Participants will need a certification card/skibike license to register. Registration forms are available at the Ticket Office.

Skibike rentals are available at Hoodoo. Skibobs and peggers (freestyle) skibikes are in the Hoodoo skibike rental fleet. A skibike certification card / skibike license is required for skibike rental and to ride a skibike on the slopes at Hoodoo. Lessons are available from the Ski School for certification.

Confirmed attendees include skibike retailer and Lenz Sport Skibikes.

For more information contact Ron Mickelberry at

More information on skibikes at Hoodoo Mountain

A video showing pictures from a previous rally at Hoodoo Mountain.

And a video by of the 2011 Hoodoo Skibike Festival

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