Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 2013 Vail Skibike Video with Devin Lenz & Crew

Todd shot video of our first day skibiking on Vail mountain last Sunday.  Highlights include China Bowl and the first ever skibike  racing in the Vail Winter Mountain Games.

In the video, Devin is wearing a greenish coat/black pants, Aaron is wearing a yellow/greenish jacket with blue pants, and I'm wearing the tan coat with yellow pants.  Todd is wearing the striped coat and was shooting from a mount on the front of his bike.

At the beginning of the video, we're at the Two Elks area getting ready to drop into China Bowl.  Later  footage shows the terrain at the bottom of the bowl.

At Gold Peak, where the competition events were held, it shows the bikes being carried to the top of the race course with snowmobiles.  Devin and Aaron then square off against each other.  If one looks closely, you can spot Devin hucking the course jump.  Devin ended up smoking his nephew.

I have to think that Todd is in love with the Lenz Sport Launch that Devin left with him.   There's footage in there from this past week with the bike in deep freshies with falling snow coming down around it.

If you are in the Vail area and want to catch up with Todd, shoot me a message or contact him through this video.  He's happy to tell you all about the bike.  I have a feeling he's currently surrounded by eager Vail Ski Patrollers.

Thanks again to Todd, Vail Resorts, and the Vail Valley Foundation for the fun day.

Skibiking with Devin Lenz on Vail Mountain from T Harper on Vimeo.

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