Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ski bike requirements at Arapahoe Basin

I called Alan Henceroth, the COO and General Manager of A Basin, in August 2012 to try to get their skibike rules, regulations, and requirements at the ski area.

During the phone conversation, I discovered that I was wrong about some of their policies.  Nothing like getting the rules direct from the big cheese.

I can't say I was entirely happy with my findings but what follows is some of what I learned:

Lenz Sport Launch at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area
Skibikes are restricted to the front-side of A-Basin.  Montezuma Bowl is prohibited terrain. (Alan didn't get upset when I admitted I may have strayed down there on a bike.)

Bikes are only permitted on three of the the front-side chairlifts.  No getting on the Pali chair.

Leashes are required while riding the chairlifts.  This is strictly enforced.  Nothing about wearing them on the slopes was mentioned.

Peggers and skibobbers are welcome.

Everyone is welcome to use the features in the terrain parks.

It's okay to ask the lifties to slow the down the fixed-grip lifts so you can safely exit the chairlift at the top.  Some lifties will ask you if you want it slowed as you approach.  A quick pushing down motion signal with your hand to the liftie in the booth will work.

Conversion kit and homemade bikes are not expressly prohibited.  Plenty of homemades have shown up and they haven't run them off.

There are no bike rentals or lessons available at the ski area.

Alan mentioned that they once offered skibob lessons and rentals a long time ago.  There was no demand so they got rid of them.

I don't know of any prohibited skibike designs.  They will let you know if they don't like what you brought.

There was some skepticism expressed when I mentioned that the sport was experiencing increased participation and growth.   My own casual observations at Winter Park from 5 years ago to today show a definitive trend.  Hard data from lessons and rentals back me up.

All in all, A-Basin is a pretty ski bike friendly joint.  Respect their rules and use common sense.  Don't be one of those skibikers that gets them banned like at Copper Mountain.

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