Thursday, August 15, 2013

Need to do some site maintenance

by G. Kunkel

I need to update some items on the blog as some information is now inaccurate. Vail Resorts is now allowing ski bikes in the terrain park at Vail. The policy the last month of the 2012-13 season was "allowed but not recommended in the parks". I need to get the official policy updates and post them.

Anyways, I expect that means skibikes are now allowed in all Vail Resorts ski area terrain parks. I still don't know about the newly acquired resorts by Vail either. They might be allowed but who knows. I need to track down that information too.

 I'm also going to be branching out and producing skibike accessories with my newly acquired industrial sewing machine. I'll eventually have available products posted on my new website at   It will include things such as replacement handlebar covers, transport gear, leashes,  and skibike specific ski covers.

I am open to producing items for other skibike manufacturers.  Cost will depend upon materials and time to produce.  My labor cost is the sewing industry standard of $25/hour.

My bike is currently hanging from my garage ceiling.  Here's hoping your skibike is properly stored away as well.

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