Thursday, December 5, 2013 website now live

by G. Kunkel

The website is not complete by any means but I have skibike leashes, handlebar covers, and  repair services available for purchase at Epic Skibike Accessories.  If you don't see something you need - inquiries are welcome,

My leashes come in two flavors - on slope use only and slope/chairlift use.   The chairlift one is constructed from climb-spec webbing and carabiner.  I've drop tested the final product using 35 lbs. to simulate a bike drop from a chairlift.  I hate leashes but some ski joints require them.

The on-slope leash can also be used as a carrying strap from the parking lot.  Carrying that cold metal frame from the parking lot can be exhausting.  No, I don't like carrying my bike upside down when transporting it.  Gets too awkward for me if I suddenly have to put it down or slip and fall.

I also make custom handlebar covers.   I noticed covers getting torn up in the Winter Park Resort skibike fleet so I thought there might be a need.  I made a black/white checkerboard cover for my Launch and I love it.  Women love accessorizing.

Replacement leashes for skibob skis are available.  The buckles on the commercial ones are pretty crappy and break.  I can make custom ones using the webbing of your choice.   Sold in pairs only.

My products are for the USA market.  International shipping gets pretty expensive.  If you are willing to pay the shipping, customs, VAT, we can talk.

I'm taking payments through PayPal - not that I like it but it is a way to accept credit cards.  PayPal account is not required to use the service.  I will only ship to the registered PayPal address.

Check it out at

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