Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crested Butte is now skibike friendly - sort of

by G. Kunkel

Peg skibikes and skibobs are now welcome to ride the slopes at Crested Butte Mountain Resort.  The ropes came down in April 2013.

While both types are allowed, skibikes are limited to specific terrain.  Bikes are not permitted on any black trail, double-black trail, or in the terrain park.  In addition riders must use a lanyard leash while on the chair lift and while skibiking on-slope.

 Type I (skibobs) and Type II (peg) style skibikes must have a license to ride at Crested Butte.  First timers must take a lesson to educate themselves on proper chair lift loading and unloading procedures.  The lesson lasts two hours and includes full day snowbike rental.

After the lesson, skibikers are issued a non-expiring, non-transferable license at the season pass office.  Rentals are available for $45/day for licensed holders.

Permitted areas and area skibike regulations are listed at

Hopefully the terrain restrictions will end sooner rather than later.   Especially the black rated terrain.  Many resorts mistakenly believe skibikers cannot handle it properly.

Experienced freestyle skibikers have no problem riding blacks, moguls, and even the halfpipe.  Just talk to the guys at Silverton Mountain - they are still in awe of Cliff Pinto's helicopter drop on his bike last season.  He has permission to ride their mountain anytime.

I'll try to check it out this season but gotta say the totally unrestricted terrain at Vail, Telluride and Snowmass keep me drooling.

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