Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fleece Colorado state flag hat

by G. Kunkel

The perfect fleece hat for apres skibike.

I've wanted to sew and sell handcrafted fleece Colorado state flag hats for some time.  Colorado themed hats are quite popular here.

I took a few days to make a prototype hat.  There were some challenges along the way.

First, I wasn't sure how wide to make the various color bands.  Turns out that was the least of my problems.  I got this figured out pretty quickly.

Finding out how to make the red 'C' and the yellow insert turned out to be my biggest problem.  Fleece does not cut cleanly.  Getting them cut out and not making them look homemade instead of professionally handcrafted took some creative thinking.

 I consulted with the ladies at Jo Ann's and decided to make them out of felt instead.  It worked. This morning  I tried a different way of cutting the fleece this morning, turns out that works too.

The red felt color does show through the yellow insert.  One lady at Jo Ann's suggested using interfacing to block it out.  I put the interfacing between the colors and then sewed the pieces together.  No more color showing through. The pieces will pucker if one doesn't take their time.

I then worked out the placement of the 'C' on the body of the fleece hat.   After pinning it, it was carefully sewed on.   Again, it can pucker if you don't take your time.

Getting the pom pom on the top to come out right took some work too.  I think I have it figured out now.  I was aiming for a nice big pom pom.

I then sewed up the back seam after sewing a blue liner piece onto it.  I think it looks pretty nice.

I can make these for any size human head.

They are now listed for sale at my online store at Square for $30 plus shipping/applicable taxes.

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