Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Summit Powder Bikes is no longer operating

by G. Kunkel

For those looking to rent Lenz Sport skibikes in Summit County Colorado,  things are tougher this season.

Due to lack of interest, Summit Powder Bikes is no longer operating.  No one else is stepping in to fill their shoes.  Not hard to figure out why.

Operating a rental skibike business is no mean feat.

Renting skibikes is different than renting skis or snowboards.  For one, they are vastly more expensive than skis or snowboards.  Thus a high buy-in expense.

Liability wise, beginner skiers and snowboarders crash before they can get going fast and out of control.  No so for beginner skibikers.  It is one reason why any ski resort that rents peggers requires lessons before one can rent a peg skibike.

Any responsible rental skibike shop should make sure a rider is competent before renting them a skibike.  This is impossible to verify at a shop that isn't slope-side.

If you are looking for a rental peg skibike in Summit County, there may be a business opportunity for you.

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