Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Replacement K2 Snowcycle seat covers are now available

Seat covers are available for purchase for K2 Snowcycles.  If you have an original cover on your snow bike, I'm sure it's torn up by now.

The original seats were made from marine vinyl which just does not hold up in cold weather.  It gets brittle and then cracks.  Heavy duty arctic vinyl rated to -30 F is a much better option.

I'm now offering replacement seat covers that will fit all K2 Snowcycle models like:  the SMX, Adult 1.0, Youth 1.0.  They used a standard seat base for all their models.

These skibike covers are made from Spradling Arctic Vinyl in the black color.  One can get all the fabric specifications here.  The color pigments are UV stabilized to reduce any fading.  Seams are double stitched for strength.

The seat covers with installation instructions are $80 plus shipping/tax.   Discounts available to orders of 12+ covers.

Installation requires a heavy duty staple gun, staples, spray adhesive, hair dryer, hammer, heavy duty staple remover, patience, and brute strength.

If you don't feel like tackling the installation, drop by my house or mail me your seat.  There is an additional charge for installation and shipping.

All seat covers are made by myself in my Colorado studio.  

I am currently donating my time and expertise to making and recovering the seats for the K2 Snowcycle fleet at the National Sports Center for the Disabled at Winter Park Resort.

Here is the first replacement cover installed:

K2 Snowcycle replacement seat cover

K2 seat cover overhead view

New seat cover next to torn up K2 seat covers

These K2 Snowcycle snow bike seat covers can be ordered at EpicSkibike.com or off Ebid.net.  Or contact me at watertigerenterprisesllc(at)comcast.net.

If one needs an entire seat replaced due to degraded foam or wood base, SkiBikeFun.com offers them for $150 on their website.

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