Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lots of used Lenz Sport skibikes for sale in Steamboat Springs Colorado

If you are looking for a used Lenz Sport skibike in January 2016,  there are a number of models for sale over in Steamboat Springs.

So far, I see a Blip, Brawler, Defender, and a Sortie for sale.  If you want to find them yourself, go to the Boulder Craigslist and search for 'skibike'.

The prices that I'm finding.

Brawler: $700
Blip: $1600
Defender: $2100
Sortie: $2100

 The Brawler has a springer fork but that is easy to upgrade.   The springer has a different feel but fun once you get used to it.

The Brawler is a size small.   Fits some about 5'6" and under.

The Blip is a smaller version of the Launch.  Great for kids and smaller riders.

The Sortie is a lighter version of the Launch.  Also built for women and kids.  The ad does not state what size it is.

I can't remember the details about the Defender.  Nothing about it is on the Lenz Sport website either.

While these skibikes are not being sold by Lenz, visit the Lenz Sport website if one wants to find out more about each model.  Then contact the seller using the contact information on Craigslist. 

These prices are really nice.   Buy one of these now and one can enjoy it for the rest of the ski season.

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