Friday, February 5, 2016

How to carry your skibike to the ski base area

Carrying a skibike to the base area can be a trying experience.  I've put mine over my shoulder to transport it to the lifts.  I've also tried using a piece of rope.  Neither method is comfortable or pain free.

Nice shoulder bruise

When I've carried my Lenz Launch over my shoulder I've had two things happen.  One, my shoulder started experiencing pain with all that metal digging into it.  There is usually a nice deep purple bruise in my shoulder the next day.   I tried using a towel but then I didn't have a nice place to put it.

Using a piece of bare webbing works as well.  This method has its woes as well.  The webbing will dig into your shoulder and becomes painful as well.  Two years ago I got really lost in the Vail Village base area.  I had to stop alot to give my shoulder a break from the pain.

Carrying by the frame

This method only works for very short distances.  It's what I mainly use to transport my bike from the locker room to the meeting area for lessons.  Carrying a 28-30 pound skibike any further taxes your arms.  The metal frame gets really cold on those minus 30F days as well.

Best solutions to carrying a skibike - so far

Devin Lenz offers demos to potential buyers all the time.  He routinely has this issue with his clients carrying the bikes from the trailer.  Rather than make them suffer, he came up with a solution that he designed and asked me to make for him.

Combination padded carrying strap and leash

This skibike season, Devin is mainly having demos at ski areas owned by Vail Resorts.  Those include: Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, and Keystone in Colorado,  It is a long way from the parking lot to the base area for all of these.
Padded carrying strap leash combo for skibike

Vail Resorts also has a strict on-chairlift leash policy to prevent dropped skibikes.  They do check when one loads the lift.  It is easiest to clip the bike to the chairlift bar even when it can only be partially lowered or sits above ones head.

Devin designed a combo leash/padded carry strap that will clip onto a Vail chairlift when one uses the right size wire gate carabiner.  Your shoulder won't take a beating from the parking garage to the Lionshead base area either.

Once one is at the base area, the pad can be removed.  It is small enough that it can be stored in a pocket.  That is one feature Devin insisted on.

I'm now selling these combo leashes on my website  Yes, that's Devin modelling his design on his latest personal skibike.  They can be purchased on this page.

Devin Lenz with a padded carrying strap leash combo

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