Friday, January 13, 2017

The new Winter Park Resort skibike video is out

by G. Kunkel

And it tells the overall focus of the Ski + Ride School skibike instructors.  We welcome everyone.

Now is the time to stop with the painful skiing.  Skip the falling in beginner lessons.


Trevor looking for his next big hit.

Learning to skibike is easier than it looks.  That said, it still takes lessons to learn to ride a skibike safely.  Riding them is not like riding a bicycle nor is it intuitive.

Most beginners try to start off carving the skis instead of skidding the skis.  This leaves the riding unable to slow down or stop.

In a lesson, you'll learn how to skid those skis using a proper combination of stance and tilt the handlebars downhill.  Having learned the skidded traverse, it's on to the J-turn.  One then combines both of those into skidded turns.

Falling rarely happens in a skibike lesson.  One has more mobility in snowboard boots.  Boot and helmet rentals are included in the lesson.  Opt for a regular ski helmet or use a full-face downhill mountain bike helmet.  Don't forget your eye protection.

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