Monday, February 6, 2017

Wax those skis and stop sticking to the snow

by G. Kunkel

When very cold weather strikes, some are puzzled why their skibike slows down.  Most likely it depends upon what is on the bottom of your skis.

Having the right temperature rated wax on your skis for the current conditions can make all the difference.  While universal temperature wax works most of the time, it fails at sub-zero temperatures.

Photo courtesy of George F. Davis and the thermometer at his house.
If one wants to glide effortlessly across the snow at 10 degrees below zero F, you'll need different wax on the ski base.  Read the product insert or most are green colored waxes.

A good cold temp wax is either the Purl Green or Purl Blue wax.  You'll need a wax iron, wax, and a plastic scraper to make it happen.  Both these waxes are environmentally friendly as well.

It doesn't take much was to get the job.  However, buying in bulk is cheaper in the long run.  Buy the 1 pound bar and you'll be set for a few seasons of sliding on snow.

If one is not up to waxing, well there is always happy hour at the local bar.  When it is really cold and windy, that's sometimes the best option.  The Thai wings at The Winter Park Pub are really tasty.

Wax can be purchased online or at your local shop.  Don't count on the shop tuning and waxing skibike skis.  They don't fit real well into some of the machines and they'll need to be hand-tuned.

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