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Colorado ski bike regulations

Panoramic Express at Winter Park Resort
Unfortunately, there are no uniform rules or policies for skibikes at Colorado ski resorts.  The U.S. Forest Service lets the individual areas determine their policies.

There are known areas with policy and safety regulation variability.


Not every Colorado ski area allows skibiking.  All destination and large Colorado ski resorts permit them.  Copper Mountain is the only large ski area that prohibits them (peggers).


Not every ski area requires them.  When they are required, it can vary from lift only to wearing one at all times.  Colorado law does require everyone to 'use a device to help prevent runaway equipment'.  Since most ski bike designs don't runaway without a rider, it's a gray area.

Skibike license

Not every area requires one to ride.  All areas require riders to follow the Responsibility Code which states 'Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid others'.  Some Colorado ski areas require a license be shown when boarding any chairlift.   Most areas only require them when renting a skibike.

Terrain parks

Some ski areas in Colorado prohibit skibikes in terrain parks due to risk assessment reviews.  Vail Resorts (Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek), Snowmass, Durango Mountain Resort, A-Basin, and Telluride allow them in their terrain parks.


Ski areas may prohibit the use of certain lifts.  These tend to be fixed-grip lifts which can be tricky to exit for peg bikers.  Peggers are regarded as 'foot traffic' by the Colorado Tramway Board.  If one uses foot skis on the lift, one may be able to use these lifts.


Terrain may be prohibited due to access problems.  Not all resorts can accommodate skibikes on their equipment.  For example, Highlands Bowl in Aspen is prohibited as they don't have a way to carry the bikes out of there.  If one is uncertain, ask someone.  Montezuma Bowl at A-Basin is off-limits for some mysterious reason.

Homemade or Conversion kit

Due to liability insurance issues, homebuilt or conversion kit ski bikes are banned from most Colorado ski areas.  Those built using manufactured conversion kits are welcome at a few small ski areas.

Rentals and lessons

If you want to rent a skibike, most Colorado ski areas limit their risk by requiring lessons before one can rent.  There are enough out-of-control skiers and snowboarders already on the hill.  Too bad they don't require a ski license or snowboard license to rent or own that equipment.

If one plans to bike in Colorado, contact the resort before visiting to get their regulations.  It limits disappointment.

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