Sunday, March 10, 2013

What is the difference between a Type 1 and Type 2 ski bike?

Everything has to have a label to work in a computer system.  So five season ago Winter Park Resort picked a naming system for the two types of skibikes used at the ski resort.

Type 1 skibikes are skibobs that are typically used with foot skis.  One wears ski boots to attach the skis  to.   The rider sits down on a seat.  They have a lower center of gravity and four points of contact with the snow.

Type 1 skibike aka skibob
Type 2 are peg style skibikes - no foot skis are used.  Riders wear snowboard boots and stand on pegs attached to the bike frame.  They have a higher center of gravity and only two points of contact with the  snow.

Type 2 skibike aka peg
Skibobs are easy to learn.  Pegs typically take more time to learn and require more balance.

Want a short learning curve and almost guaranteed success learning to ride?  Choose a skibob.

Have balance issues, un-athletic, or find a downhill mountain bike style more appealing - choose a pegger.

There's different strokes for different folks.  Choose your style of skibiking.

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