Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ski bike and skibob riding terrain

by G. Kunkel

Skibikes can be ridden on almost any type of slope skiers or snowboarders use.  Don't laugh.  I'm often approached by unknowledgeable people on the slopes or in the lift line and told "those can only be ridden on green and blue runs, right?".

There are shocked looks and comments when I say some of my favorite terrain are the bumps or trees.  It never even crossed their mind that bikes could be ridden on difficult or black terrain.

To use more advanced terrain, one does need the proper equipment and riding techniques.  Determine if the bike construction is built to withstand the stresses of the desired terrain and if one has the proper riding skills for the terrain.

Having a bike with a full-suspension system is going to give the smoothest ride.  Having a manufactured bike with vetted construction and welds is going to be the safest.  You don't want the bike to explode on impact off a jump.

Having advanced riding skills will be necessary for black slopes and freestyle riding.  Bumps require short radius dynamic turns and a low edge angle.  Terrain park riding tricks are best practiced with foam pits before trying them on-snow.

Skibike lessons from PSIA-AASI trained instructors are another source of knowledge.  Certified instructors spend hundreds of hours training and thousands of dollars out of their own pocket to get their certifications.  While there is currently no PSIA "skibike" certification, the movement analysis and teaching techniques are the same as for skiing and snowboarding.

Once you have the advanced riding skills, help the sport out by demonstrating good riding technique in visible areas.  Skillfully riding in a pack of bikers down a bump run underneath a chairlift generates respect and knowledge to the general public.  It also generates lessons and rentals which grows the sport.

On that note, I'd never noticed skibobbers using terrain park features other than jumps.  Seems bobbers like the adventure too.

Here's a video by Front Range Snowbiking showing skibobs using terrain park features.

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  1. Just thought you would like to know we have Brenter SnowBikes at Pat's Peak her in NH.

    Her's a link to a video run on the local TV station (WMUR):


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