Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2018 Lenz Sport Skibike Sale

by G. Kunkel

Lenz Sport is having a pre-order sale on its  new Recon skibike.  It's not a new model, it just a model that is now being produced by an outside factory.  Built to the same strict Lenz Sport standards.

Photo courtesy of Lenz Sport

This is what was posted up to their Facebook page today.
The all new Recon Skibike is coming. This is our first Skibike produced at an outside factory, and it’s got the same geometry and durability as it always has. Kitted up just like this it’s retailing for $1700. We are doing a pre-order program for $1300 while inventory lasts. Offer ends midnight March 15th. Email, message, or call us for details.
So if you want Lenz Sport quality at a knock-off price, this is it.  This deal is not going to last.

Think about it:

Solid design - things are not going to "snap" when landing a jump.

Solid suspension - no pogo stick feel when riding. The stock forks have dampening so the rider is not thrown off the bike while riding.

Solid skis - Lenz Sport makes an interchangeable lineup of skis.  Packed powder to deep powder can be managed.  The Recon comes stock with the new Conniption Stix skis.  They are not as stiff as the Trix Stix and have a slightly shorter turning radius.

Not bad. 

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