Thursday, February 15, 2018

Skibike stance It's important

by G. Kunkel

Where one places their weight while riding stand up Type 2 skibikes makes a big difference. Put it in the wrong spot and you may be in for an exciting ride.


The front ski needs weight on it for it to function.  Doesn't matter if in powder or on packed powder.  Or if one is skidding or carving.

Ideally while stopped, one has weight 50/50 on each foot and balanced between the fore and aft skis.  While riding one's weight is going to constantly be shifting depending upon terrain and activity.


Where are your hips?  Skiers have a term called 'skiing in the backseat'.  Same thing happens on a skibike.  It is a natural reaction to forward motion and is a fear response.  If your hips are behind your seat, you are in the backseat.  Move them forward.


Be in a nice flexed stance.  Bend those ankles, knees, hips, and elbows into the athletic flexed stance.  You remember, the one used for tennis, dribbling a basketball before a free throw, and skiing or snowboarding.

Look Up

Don't be looking at the snow.  It is still white.  Look up and in the direction you are going.

These are just the basics.  A trained professional can spot what a skibike rider is doing through 'movement analysis'.  PSIA tests instructors at every level to see if they can accurately describe what a client is doing.  There is no prescription for change if there is not a proper diagnosis.

One can obtain professional skibike instruction at Winter Park Resort Ski + Ride School.  Type 2 rental is included with the lesson.

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