Saturday, February 24, 2018

Protective gear for skibiking

by G. Kunkel

Freestyle skibiking presents many of the same risks as downhill mountain biking or motocross.  While snow is more forgiving than dirt and rocks, impacts still happen.

Full face helmet

Wearing a full face helmet is not overkill or meant to look cool.  Smashing ones jaw or teeth into the skibike handlebars can be a painful experience.  Upon rider ejection, smashing said teeth and jaw or head into a sold object can be life-altering.  Find a well-fitting winter full face helmet and use it.  Winter helmets don't have the ventilation that summer ones do.

Combo knee and shin guards

If you've ever experienced rider ejection on your skibike, you know what these do.  As one is flying over the handlebars, ones legs or knees bang into them.  I've had permanent purple bruises above my knees some seasons.  Again, find a well fitting set that fit over thermals.  I had to cruise many reviews to find a pair I like.  A good set is going to run just north of $100.


One needs clear vision to see where one is going.  In addition, if one wears eyeglasses there are additional challenges.  To keep my googles and eyeglasses from fogging up, I use OTG goggles with a built in fan.  The fan keeps down the fog on both.  They are not inexpensive. Somewhere north of $150.

Waterproof insulated clothing

Skibike clothing is the same as ski clothing.  Wear outdoor gear suited for a windy wintery environment.  This includes jacket, pants, and gloves.  Clothing suitable for lower on the mountain may not be warm enough at 12,000ft.

Warm winter boots

I use snowboard boots while skibiking.  They keep my feet warm and offer necessary support.  In addition, my feet love a pair of wool blend socks on them.  There are other winter boots such as Bunny Boots that others prefer and are rated for arctic environments.


Many resorts require them while riding on the chairlift.  Use it so people below do not have a skibike land on them if dropped.

Those are the essentials of skibike protective gear.  One can add a bell for that stray skier or snowboard who moves erratically around the slope.  Ring it, and they know you are behind them.  Otherwise, the above list should cover most everything one needs.

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