Thursday, February 22, 2018

Skibike cross

by G. Kunkel

Skibikers now have full-time access to a boardercross course.  So, it's now skibikecross.

Winter Park Resort discontinued their NASTAR racing program and turned the old race course into a terrain park.  The newly labelled park features a professionally designed boardercross course.

The course is open to everyone including skibikers.  The course is pretty wide and can probably handle five skibikes at one time.

The top of the course features a steep drop-off at the start to help racers get some speed.  Riders will then hit the first set of rollers.  Air-time is a possibility.

The rapidly descending course then has a series of swooping banks that alternate from side to side.  It pretty much takes the width of the old race area.  There is netting to separate the course from those coming down Cranmer.

After the banks come another roller and more steep banks.  The end of the course drops skibikers back onto Cranmer.

I tried it out yesterday and it was alot of fun.  And, hardly anyone was using it.  I saw a ski patroller sneak in there and play around.

The course is always open so everyone is going to discover this course sooner or later.  I'd try sooner as it is bound to quickly become popular.

Local skibikers have wanted a boardercross course for some time.  Let's get out and use it.

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