Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Be a model for the community

Five years ago random skiers and snowboarders would approach me on the slopes of Winter Park Resort and didn't hesitate to tell me what they thought of skibikes.  Most of it was negative.  I always responded politely and tried some passive education.

Things have changed and its now the popular thing to do at Winter Park Resort.  Unfortunately a few of the more recent converts have brought an unwelcome element to the community.  While they are enthusiastic and want to spread the news, they have poor communication skills with other skibikers and exhibit very juvenile behavior on online.

Those that do not respect others with differing backgrounds and experiences risk alienating other members of the community.   They also reflect very badly to ski industry professionals and members of the general snowsport community.  After recent events, I respect some riders skills but I no longer respect them in general.

Before responding to someone you don't agree with, really try to have your facts in order.   Listen to the other members before responding.  Read and digest, don't just react.   Most of all, don't put words in other members mouths.  Twisting information to suit your purposes never goes over well.  Neither do personal attacks.

I started introducing the concept of skibikes to the EpicSki.com forums a few years ago.  Members are mostly skiers but a few snowboarders hang around too.  Member ages range from 20 - 80's.  It does attract visits by the ski industry and they sometimes recruit members for marketing studies.  I've participated in one such study since joining the forum in 2003.

Many skiers have asked questions and a few have even come to Winter Park Resort for lesssons.  Not everyone likes them but everyone has used civil discourse during discussions.  The forum is moderated and those that start personal attacks are banned from the forum.

There are now several threads I have going on snow bikes.  They've been educational to a number of skiers on the forum.   A few have even changed their minds.  A number of people want to try it.

If you'd like to participate, sign up and join in.  Just keep the discussion civil.  Ski industry people will take notice and it will reflect badly.  By educating skiers and snowboarders and winning them over to our side, we can get more resorts to allow them.

The threads on the EpicSki Forum can be found at:



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