Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is skibiking hard?

Skibiking is easy to learn with proper instruction and lessons.  When compared to skiing and snowboarding, almost anyone can be cruising the ski slopes in 20 minutes to 3 hours.  Skibikers won't experience the awkward painful falls either.

Some types are easier to learn than others.   Skibobs with their low center of gravity are the perfect skibike for the snow novice.  If one can place their chin on a shoulder, lean to one side, and make turning motions with their hands, one can learn to ride a skibob in 20 minutes.  No falling required!

Other types take a bit more skill and balance.  Peg bikes have a higher center of gravity and require some technical skills.  Downhill mountain bikers can learn them in 30 minutes.  Experienced skiers and snowboarders may need a full three hours to learn.

After teaching skibobs and pegs for the past five seasons at a Colorado ski resort I've had a variety of people in my lessons.  Skibobs have allowed many people with physical limitations but not handicaps to continue their ski vacations to the mountains.  Peggers with their crossover skills from  mountain biking and BMX have attracted a new demographic to the ski slopes.

They can be a fun distraction and include all family members.  Some ski resort lodging companies have flyers in their properties encouraging non-skiing moms to come learn this easy sport.  They can then enjoy the slopes with their kids.  A number of grandparents skibike for this very reason.

Those with arthritic joints or painful backs can be pain-free with the right model and proper instruction.  They come in various sizes and types of suspension.  Skier height and weight should be taken into consideration when renting or purchasing.  Unlearning some ski techniques are also helpful when learning to skibob.

After learning the basics, one can either keep cruising the slopes or move on to more advanced techniques.  They can be fun in the moguls, in the trees, or if the ski resort permits it - in the terrain park.

Is skibiking hard?  Heck no!  I've taught snowboarding for the past ten seasons and skibikes for the past five.  There's definitely less falling on the bikes and just as much fun.  Further proof - I get alot more tips from skibike lessons than snowboard lessons.

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