Friday, December 28, 2012

Where to buy a skibike in the USA

Knowing where to purchase a skibike can be a bit of a mystery for new bikers in the United States.   It's a small snowsport industry that has little exposure to the USA general skiing public.

Before buying a bike you'll first need to have a budget in mind.  New manufactured bikes can be pricey.  They are made to downhill mountain bike standards, use quality components, and are designed to load on a chairlift.

Buying a conversion kit for a bicycle is one method to reduce the cost.  Before going this route, make sure the ski resorts you plan on riding at allow conversions.  Due to insurance requirements many ski resorts in the USA ban them.  Expect this trend to continue with their eventual ban at most ski areas.

Your best bet is to buy a manufactured one if you plan on riding at a ski resort in the USA. So where can one purchase a manufactured snow bike?
  1. Direct from the manufacturer.  It's really the best option.
  2. From   They carry a selection of new and used bikes.
  3. From a distributor.  There are distributors for Stalmach and Brenter skibobs in the USA.
  4. Go to a festival and demo.  Buy the one you like and take immediate delivery.
  5. Craigslist - do an internet search.
  6. Buy them direct from European manufacturers.  They'll ship them to the USA.
Before buying a older used skibob, make sure it is still rideable.  A number of old skibobs whose designs proved to be less than durable are showing up for sale.   Ask old-timers before buying that barn bike.

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