Monday, December 24, 2012

Where to buy a Lenz Sport?

Lenz Sport is a popular brand of skibikes found around the world.  Owners value their quality construction and performance.  Due to limited production runs, finding the perfect one to buy isn't always easy.

All Lenz Sport models are handmade in Fort Lupton, Colorado by Devin Lenz and crew.  Devin personally inspects each bike at every step of construction.   It's his name and reputation on the line.

Want to purchase a Lenz Sport ?  There are limited options.

Call Lenz Sport

There are very limited places to find new Lenz Sport bikes.  Your best bet is to call Devin.  His current contact information can be found at the Lenz Sport website.  He can mail skibikes to just about any country.

At a demo event

Devin travels to several demo events in Colorado, New Mexico, and Oregon during the ski season.  Arrange to demo and purchase one at the event.

At a few very select bicycle shops

New Lenz Sport snow bikes can be found at a few very select bike shops in Colorado and California.  These are shops that purchase Devin's line of mountain bikes too.  They purchase them from Devin and then resold.


Skibikes are so new it's hard to find them on Craigslist.  A few early prototype models were listed on the Denver Colorado Craigslist in fall 2012.  As skibiking becomes more popular, expect more to show up there.

American Skibike Association website

As the organizing body for skibikers in the USA, it will allow members to advertise their equipment for sale.  Expect members to start listing more in upcoming seasons as they upgrade.

A variety of new and used bikes can be purchased from this shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.  Shipping is included. (yes, New Mexico is part of the USA)

Don't expect to find too many used ones for sale right now.  The best time to purchase those is mid-summer when Devin lists what he has available on his website.

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