Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skibikes are no longer allowed in Keystone Ski Resorts terrain parks

There's a new policy at Keystone Ski Resort for the 2012 -2013 ski season.  Skibikes are no longer permitted in the terrain parks there.

Greg Gerloff the Health and Safety Manager  at Breckenridge Ski Resort contacted me Sunday evening.  He helped develop the new skibike policies for Vail Resorts and is in charge of communicating them to the general public.

Greg explained that Vail Resorts is currently developing a professional webpage that will explain the uniform policies and rules and regulations for all of Vail Resorts.

One outcome of the new policy is that bikes will no longer be allowed to use the terrain parks at any Vail Resorts ski resort - Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, and Beaver Creek in Colorado.  This is a new policy starting with the 2012 - 2013 ski season.

Unfortunately staff members at Keystone have told a number of riders that they were still permitted in the terrain parks.  Greg said he would be  communicating with staff there to let them know this is no longer true.

In addition, homemade and conversion bikes are not permitted at any Vail Resorts ski area.   They want them to be as manufactured as possible.

The bikes must also load within the envelope of the chairlift.  This means that bikes that are designed to be carried underneath the chairlift must be loaded into the chairlift instead.  This includes designs like Geary Snow Bikes.

Leashes must also be worn at all times.  This includes on the chairlift and on the slopes.

The uniform Vail Resorts regulations are:

Bike must have no more than two (2) skis.
• Must have metal edges on the skis.
• Must have a seat.
• May only have one rider per bike.
• Must be designed to load the lift without slowing or stopping.
• Must be loaded within the envelope of the chair; bike counts as a rider on the chair lift.
• Not allowed in terrain parks.(including Keystone)
• May be restricted in certain areas of the mountain and lifts for safety reasons.
• No homemade bikes (including conversion).
• Retention device (must be worn at all times).  

So those of you who have been riding in the terrain park at Keystone.  Enjoy the memories.  Expect enforcement of the no skibikes in the parks in the near future.

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