Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Winter Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado

You can't blame me for not trying. If you don't ask, people won't take notice.

I got to thinking that it would be pretty cool if they included pegger bikes in some of the events at the second Winter Mountain Games in Vail. They've got mountain bike, snowshoe, nordic, climbing, and dog events....why not peggers?

Upon checking the official rules, nothing was mentioned about actually having tires on the bike. They just talked about spikes and stuff.

The only event I wanted to enter was the dual slalom course. The criterion looked too aerobic and I'm too old and wise for the best bike trick.

Rather than just show up and be told "no", I sent off an email to Adam Lueck of the Vail Valley Foundation.

I got a nice reply today but it wasn't the answer I was hoping for.  Adam said the "original intent of the event is for regular mountain bikes".  Apparently skibikes weren't even on his radar. He loves the Lenz Sport bikes but they aren't allowed.

If you now read the official rules for the Games, there's a new addition as of this morning. "Skibikes are not allowed. You have to have actual tires for this one!".

Okay, well maybe next year.   If enough of us ask about it, maybe they'll have pegger events in the future.

Peggers are wintertime downhill mountain biking.  And one thing is for sure, snow is softer than dirt and rocks.

I made an easy $50 tip Monday afternoon teaching two guys from Dallas that were wearing Gold Passes.  Lots of lessons coming from  Texans lately.  All downhillers or dirt bikers.

This video shows the highlights of last year's Best Trick event.  I think skis would work just fine on these bikes.

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