Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A necessary tool if you own a Lenz Sport

The skis on my bike needed some serious maintenance.  The edges had a ton of burrs and the bases were looking really dried out.  Some nice base gouges too.

I don't think they've had any work done on them since the bike hit the rental rack back in November.  Now that I own it - I'm maintaining it.

To do any work, I needed to get the skis off the bike.  I was told (by Devin) to get a T handle allen wrench but that was about it.  I asked what size - and he thought it was a 5mm size.

First off, I took a trip to the local hardware store and bought a allen wrench set.  Seems they only sell them in sets these days.   The 6" handle turned out to be too short to loosen all the bolts to the skis.  5mm was the right size however.

I went to Lowe's and a number of auto part stores to find a single 5mm T handle with a length of around 9 inches  (that's what Devin keeps in the West Portal Rentals tune shop at Winter Park Resort).  No luck at all in finding one at a bricks and mortar store..

After an internet search,  I found JB Tool Sales.  They had just what I was looking for and it was cheaper than anything on eBay.  They take PayPal too.

The 5mm T handle allen wrenches I ended up buying were the Bondhus 13164 5mm Balldriver T-Handle, and the Bondhus 15764 5mm Balldriver L-Wrench. I bought the L wrench to see if it would be easier to maneuver around the front mounting bracket.

The company fulfilled the order the same day and should be shipped out today. Hopefully they'll take care of the mounting of the skis. There was an instant coupon on the website too. Hey, 29 cents is 29 cents. Ended up costing a total of $12.63 with shipping.

So if you buy a Lenz Sport skibike, you'll need this tool to maintain your skis. More on tuning later.

Update:  This company believes in quick shipping.  I got them on Friday and used them to remount my skis on Sunday morning.  Both worked perfectly.  I used a little bit of blue Locktite on the screws.  The  new coat of blue winter wax on the skis really improved the gliding on the bike too.

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