Friday, January 4, 2013

Brenter snowbike - anyone can ride these

Skip the first 45 seconds of this video (unless you like to see a car driving around) and then sit back and relax.  If you like snow - you'll be smiling by the end.

These bikes are not just for adaptive use.  They keep a segment of people out on the hill who would otherwise stay away from the ski slopes.  Most learn to control one in 4 turns or 20 minutes with no falling.

Blown out knees, bad back, fused ankles, can't wear ski boots, balance issues,  weak legs ?????  This skibike is for you!!  It's been the cure for many people at Winter Park Resort.

While not a freestyle bike, it can carve just like skis.   It's fun in powder, trees, around moguls, and just cruising around the ski slopes.

Need first-hand testimony from a person who just couldn't get skiing.... here's a really great article by Kirsty Smith of Parker, Colorado at Ski-biking rekindles passion for the mountains!

And more testimony from Donna Sparkman.

Can't wear ski boots?  No problem.  They make foot skis that use snowboard boot bindings.

Don't feel left out anymore.  No superhuman muscles required.

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