Friday, January 11, 2013

The best boots for skibiking

The type of skibike one rides often determines the type of boot to wear.  Comfort and warmth come after that.

Those who ride skibobs and use foot-skis can choose to use either ski boots or snowboard boots.   It's the bindings on the foot skis that determine boot choice.

Foot skis can come with either ski boot bindings mounted on them or snowboard boot bindings.  If you ski, you'll probably want to use your own boots.  If you have an ankle injury or a snowboarder, you'll probably want to use snowboard boots.  Snowboard boots are much more comfortable.

One caution about the less expensive ski binding models found on rental foot-skis, from first-hand experience, they are not compatible with all ski boots.  The toe piece of many ski boots just do not mesh with them and the skis will constantly fall off.

Those who ride peg bikes have more options.  While any warm weather-proof winter boot will do, the preferred boots for skibiking are snowboard boots.   Ski boots don't work at all for peggers.

Snowboard boots provide arch support for your feet and needed ankle support.  They are also waterproof, warm, and keep snow away from your feet.

As an experiment last spring, I tried using a pair of Sorels I had just purchased.   While I rode around they did keep snow out but I felt they just didn't offer enough ankle support.   This translated into less bike control for me.  I ride standing up on the pegs - not sitting down on the seat.

Most skibikers I know who ride peggers use snowboard boots.   In the end, it's a personal choice.

Whether you ride a skibob or pegger, find the boot type that is comfortable for you.

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