Friday, January 4, 2013

Uh, yeah, that maintenance thing

Skibike maintenance, it's one of those things that can creep up on everyone.  Failure to do it can lead to unplanned events.  And that is what happened to me on Monday.

I always try to maintain anything I own.  It will last longer that way.  During the ski season I regularly check my snowboard bindings for loose screws where the bindings attach to the board and the binding screws.

If you don't own a skibike, it's not always clear what needs to be checked before you go riding.  The rental shop guys take care of it, or it my case, the supervisor said not to touch the bikes and he would do all the maintenance.

Ski and bike designs can also be a factor on when to think about checking things and what items.  One skibob model in particular needs to have every screw checked before taking it out on the slopes.

Getting back to my own recent disaster,  I didn't check the bolts that held the skis to their mount.  The new updated skis we're using have different mountings that use shorter bolts.  They tend to wiggle loose.  No one told me.

In the aftermath of a runaway ski, I'm going to throughly check every skibike I take out in the future.  My list will involve looking for loose ski bolts and suspension system connections.

Give your own bike a gander.  Think about the parts that take a pounding every time you go out.  Now go grab the tool box and check them out.

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