Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What to wear skibiking in Colorado?

The gear to wear when on your bike is pretty much the same as when skiing or snowboarding.  If you haven't hit the ski slopes before, it's a legitimate question.  Those planning on hitting the terrain park may want to wear additional protection too.

The basic list:

  • Snowsport coat - wear a coat that is waterproof and windproof.  Snow melts and we can have pretty windy weather in Colorado.
  • Snowpants - wear waterproof and windproof pants.  Same reason as above.
  • Snowboard boots (peg) - most any winter boot will work but these boots provide arch support and ankle support.
  • Ski boots (skibob) - for those using foot skis.
  • Snowboard socks - don't use cotton socks as your feet will get cold.  Only wear one pair.
  • Thermal underwear or dry layer - you won't always need them but they are handy on those minus 40 F degree days.
  • Balaclava - protect your face from frostbite on those subzero days.
  • Helmet - most bikers prefer a full-face helmet to protect their teeth and head.  The Giro Remedy is a good model.  It comes in summer and winter versions.
  • Googles - protect your eyes from the sun and debris.

Most of the items can be rented at any decent sized ski resort.   They can also be found at local second hand stores for reasonable prices.

There are other items that one can use out on the ski slopes.   It's a matter of personal preference and cold temperature tolerance.  I think a 40 F day is scorching hot.  Most people I've met from Louisiana think that's impossibly cold.

Those into freestyle or racing need specialized gear.   Racers really just need to get a speed suit and specialized racing waxes.

For terrain park rats, think downhill mountain biking:

  • Body armor -  chest, leg, and arm protection.
  • Crotch protection - guys do rack themselves on skibikes.

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