Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bit the bullet

I finally saved up enough shekels and bought my dream skibike Monday night.   I am now the proud owner of a 2012 - 2013 Lenz Sport Launch.

Devin brought up a bunch of new bikes to Winter Park at the beginning of the season and put them in the rental fleet rack.  I've had my eye on this bike ever since it appeared.   A few other instructors did too.

The bike has a really eye-catching aqua-marine powder coating, an upgraded front and rear shock, and a pair of the new Lenz Sport skis.

I've ridden the bike in lessons and just recreational riding around the resort.  It handles like a dream.

The bike has also been thoroughly Biscuit-tested and approved.  Now that I own the bike, I don't have to worry about Biscuit taking it between morning and afternoon lessons - it now sports a new lock.

One unique feature about the bike is the powder coating.  Devin tried out a new powder coater for his frames and a few new colors.  There's no other frame out there with this particular color.

Now that I have my own bike I can do more long distance traveling.   I plan on hitting up Steamboat since my employee pass is good over there and also picking up some Real Deals to go ride Aspen/Snowmass.  There's talk of group rides over at Vail Resorts ski areas too.

If you are still dreaming of owning a Lenz Sport, just come up to Winter Park Resort and check out the rental rack.  If something catches your eye........ remember, everything is for sale.  Call Devin and for the right price you too could go home with one.

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